To communicate efficiently requires doing very well both the visible and the invisible work.

Content plays a crucial role in most organizations, but creating and maintaining effective content is complex. This is why it is very important to have a strategy.

What is a Content Strategy?

Content Strategy is a set of recommendations that allow you to plan accurately the creation, publication and governance of efficient content. It focuses on two axes:

  • content: definition of style and tone, structure and hierarchy, what content needs to be created and/or adapted, etc.
  • the people: how to plan the creation of content realistically, taking into the account crucial factors like the scope, the timing, the available resources, the risks, etc.

A Content Strategy is based on the exploration of the communication context (goals, identity, what the competition is saying, etc.) as well as on the analysis of the various factors that can condition the creation process.


Why is a Content Strategy so important?

Many communication projects fail because people underestimate the complexity and the role of content.

Copying and pasting paragraphs from your annual report or a leaflet doesn’t work. Nor does writing texts without knowing very well what you need to say, to whom, how and why.

After a lot of effort and some frustration, very often the final result doesn´t meet the goals, and nobody really knows why.

With a good Content Strategy you’ll be able to create efficient content following an efficient process. You will

  • create content that helps you achieve both your goals and your users’
  • realistically plan the creation of your website, leaflets, documents, etc.
  • avoid last minute changes and the cost that these imply
  • minimize delays in content creation and web publishing
  • foresee the need for governance and content updating, and define a realistic plan


A Content Strategy can be very small or very large, depending on each project, but it is crucial to communicate well. If there’s none, it shows.

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