On ROI, web content and sofas

Ok, so we all know money is important but this ROI thing… mind you, I think we’re overdoing it. Do we really need to tell our potential customers how much money they’ll save, earn or lose by having good or bad content? Can we do it without lying?

Here’s an imaginary customer in a very real situation: a lawyer who’s investing on a new website and a new office. He’s doing it all well. Paying attention to the details. A comfortable classy sofa, good pictures on the walls, perfect light in the waiting room.


As for his website, he also wants to do it well. Content strategy and all. Good content. But he’s a bit anxious. He wants to know his ROI. He’ll make the final decision depending on how much money he’s saving with this, on how many new customers he’ll get.

Well, how much money is the leather sofa bringing in? And the original paintings on the wall, or the modern lights? Mmmh, silly questions, right? It’s the general picture that counts. What matters is the effect that the combination of various elements create on the customers or customer-to-be.

Content Strategy is a must for good content to be possible. And good content is a must for a website to be efficient. It is essential to convey the right messages and the right identity, and to fulfil the users’ expectations. And all this does contribute to having more customers. But that’s it. I’m not going to make up numbers. Either you want to do things right, or you don’t.

Now, if you do want to do things right, we can talk about different ways (with different prices) to collaborate in order to create good content. We´ll take into account your objectives and your resources. At the end of the day, being realistic is a very important part of Content Strategy. And we all want affordable, comfortable sofas.

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