Clínica Rinològica Maria Colomé

The Clínica Rinològica Maria Colomé needed to renovate their website, published over ten years before.

Web page

We carried out a complete analysis of the communicative context of the Clinic, with special emphasis on the elaboration of key messages and identification of user needs.

With the information we gathered, we then defined a Content Strategy for the new web.

In the development phase, we:

  • coordinated the whole process: writing, design and implementation
  • defined the information architecture and the graphic design
  • wrote some of the content
  • revised the process of creating texts
  • defined a maintenance plan

Communication Consultancy
We currently advise the Clinic in their communication strategy, both in written and oral contexts, and we coordinate a team of collaborators.

Clínica Rinològica Maria Colomé